Sinuva® Sinus Treatment

The Sinuva® implant works by releasing steroidal anti-inflammatory medication (steroid) into the sinus cavities over the course of 90 days. Sinuva® has the added advantage of opening the sinus cavities for improved breathing. The action of the steroidal medication along with the widening effect of the implant reduces congestion while the medication shrinks nasal polyps – without surgery.

The benefits of Sinuva® over the 90-day period include:

  • Non-surgical treatment for nasal polyps
  • Releases medicine over 90 days for sustained relief from congestion
  • Reduces nasal obstructions
  • Improved sense of smell






What You Need to Know About Sinuva®

The implant procedure will be performed by our board-certified otolaryngologists, Dr. Schack, Dr. Medaris, and Dr. Hanson, in a routine office visit. The entire procedure requires only about 30 to 40 minutes, with 20 to 30 minutes for anesthetic to numb the nose, and just 10 minutes to gently insert the device within the sinus cavities, after which is usually cannot be felt by the patient. Over the 90 days the anti-inflammatory medication is delivered directly to the sinuses, shrinking nasal polyps. After approximately 90 days, it is removed.

Am I A Candidate for Sinuva®:

Over 18 Years Old

Had Nasal Polyps Surgically Removed

Experience Obstructed Breathing

If you experience adverse reactions to steroids or steroid-based medications, then Sinuva® may not be indicated in your case. If you also have any known sensitivity to steroid released by the Sinuva® implant, then you may not be a candidate.

A consultation with on of our ENT Specialists will verify whether Sinuva® is an effective treatment option for you.

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