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Experiencing pain in your ears, buzzing or ringing sounds, challenges with hearing, and dizziness can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. These symptoms can be signs of underlying health conditions which need to be evaluated by a specialist, like an audiologist.

Audiologists are trained to diagnose and treat various conditions that can impact your hearing health.  We specifically work to identify the issue producing your symptoms and develop a treatment plan that will most effectively meet your needs.

Ear services

Common Conditions

There are several conditions that can impact the auditory system which includes the outer, middle, and inner ear as well as auditory pathways, and the brain. These components work together to absorb and process sound which allows us to understand what we hear. Common conditions that can impact the auditory system include:

This refers to hearing a sound in one or both ears when no external source of noise is present. This sound is often described as a buzzing, ringing, clicking, or humming like noise that can be mild to severe. Tinnitus can disrupt your ability to focus and manage daily tasks. It can also impact sleep, producing fatigue and grogginess. According to the Hearing Health Foundation, at least 10% of people experience chronic tinnitus, meaning that the sound is ongoing. Tinnitus is not a medical condition itself but is typically a symptom of an underlying health issue. 90% of tinnitus cases are caused by hearing loss.

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Earwax Buildup
Earwax is a mixture that is produced in the ears. Small amount of earwax helps keep the ears lubricated, preventing dryness and irritation. Earwax typically exits the ear naturally and is part of the ears self-cleansing system. But it can also accumulate in the ear canal. This allows bacteria to buildup which can lead to ear infections or irritation. This can trigger tinnitus, short term hearing loss, and symptoms commonly associated with ear infections – pain, aches, fever, discomfort, headaches etc.
Hearing Loss
One of the most common chronic medical conditions that people experience today, hearing loss impacts nearly 1 in 5 people. Impaired hearing reduces a person’s ability to absorb and process incoming sound information which produces a range of symptoms that impact all aspects of life. This includes straining communication, making it challenging to have conversations and social interactions. Untreated hearing loss can lead to social withdrawal, impact relationships, and take a toll on physical as well as mental health.
With our specialized knowledge and technologies; we assess, diagnose, and treat these conditions to alleviate symptoms and improve your hearing health.

Our Hearing Services

There is a range of services we provide to effectively identify and address hearing concerns including the following:

Hearing Test
Hearing test measures hearing capacity in both ears which identifies any impairment and the degree of hearing loss. Hearing exams start by establishing your hearing health history, discussing symptoms you are experiencing, and lifestyle factors (physical activity, hobbies, profession, etc.). This is followed by a brief physical assessment of your ears. Specialists are checking for signs of inflammation, earwax, or infection which could impact hearing. The final step is the hearing test which involves wearing headphones connected to a machine that will play sounds at varying pitches and frequencies. You then indicate what you can hear and your results are tracked on a graph that is presented to you after.
Earwax Removal
Excessive earwax in the ear canal needs to be removed. Removing earwax can actually be trickier that it seems. We are equipped with specific medical instruments made for the ear that allow specialists to go in and effectively remove earwax.
Tinnitus Therapy
Treating hearing loss can certainly minimize tinnitus but there are no cures for this symptom. There are however, useful ways tinnitus can be managed, reducing its overall impact. This includes sound therapy which focuses on retraining the brains to neutralize tinnitus.
ETD Surgery
AERA eustachian tube dilation surgery is minimally invasive surgery used to treat eustachian tube dysfunction (ETD). ETD refers to the blockage of the eustachian tubes which are narrow passageways that connect the middle ear to the upper throat. This can cause pain in the ears, ear infections, tinnitus, and poor hearing.
Hearing Aid Fittings
We also provide hearing aid fittings with all major brands!
“I have been seeing Rachel Bringewatt for an audio-test and purchasing hearing aids.  I just wanted to tell you how helpful she has been, She is always very pleasant when she meets with me, explains everything thoroughly, has patience when I had questions and gave me honest answers. She is very patient, kind, just a pleasure to have had her as my audiologist, and I will certainly recommend her to anyone I know who might need her services.”

-Betty Garrett


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