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About Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha is the largest city in Nebraska and the county seat of Douglas County, bordered on the east by the Missouri River. The Omaha metropolitan area is the 59th largest in the US, with some 945,000 people residing there. Omaha covers 65 different zip codes, including 68022 and 68101–68164.

A bustling metropolis, Omaha is home not only to four Fortune 500 companies but also to five Fortune 1000 companies. Three of America’s ten largest architecture firms are also located in Omaha. A pioneer of many inventions that Americans today take for granted, just a few notable innovations to come out of Omaha include the Reuben sandwich, raisin bran, the TV dinner, the ski lift, and the Top 40 radio format.

Our office is located in West Omaha, a diverse and bustling neighborhood.

Omaha is home to the Henry Doorly Zoo, widely regarded as one of the premier zoos worldwide. It houses the world’s largest exhibit of nocturnal animals and a number of the world’s largest indoor climate recreations, including the largest indoor desert, rainforest, and swamp. The zoo also contains the world’s largest geodesic dome, coming in at 13 stories.

Whether your interest is in animals of the world, sports, music, or military history, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Omaha!