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About Harlan, Iowa

Harlan is a beautiful small town in Shelby County, Iowa, on the southwestern side of the state. It is the county seat and sits on the Nishnabotna River. Incorporating both zip codes 51537 and 51593, Harlan has a current estimated population of around 4,766 people. Currently, infrastructure is ready for new construction in the city’s newest subdivision, so we may see its population growing in the coming years.

Many magazine subscribers have noted the Harlan P.O. Box address for customer service. This is because one of Harlan’s biggest employers is CDS Global, a subscription fulfillment house. The company services hundreds of magazines with subscription services, so it’s common to see the Harlan name related to magazines of all kinds.

In 2017, Harlan became a “Blue Zones” community. Blue zones are areas in the world where people live markedly longer, healthier lives than we see in most other places. Becoming a Blue Zones community meant that Harlan increased its commitment to community gardening, improving walking paths and trails, providing communal spaces for group meals, focusing on health-oriented educational initiatives, and more. Find out more about the Blue Zones Project here.

Harlan has two buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, including the Shelby County Courthouse and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.